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Facts Regarding Suicide:

  • More Americans die by suicide than homicide
  • 93% of all suicides are completed by persons with an Axis I diagnosis
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death for persons with Bipolar Disorder
  • 15% of persons with Major Depressive Disorder will take their own lives, at a cost $8 billion dollars to the US economy per year
  • 15% of persons with Schizophrenia die by suicide
  • 5 to 7% of persons with Borderline Personality Disorder die by suicide
  • 50% of completed suicides met with a mental health provider at some time in their life
  • 17% will be in treatment with a mental health provider at the time of their suicide
  • Limitations on inpatient services, shortened lengths-of-stay and premature discharge have shifted the risk of suicide malpractice to outpatient providers
  • Graduate schools preparing practitioners for the mental health field provide little in the way of formal course work in suicide risk assessment and risk management
  • Mental Health care providers are not immune to the myths, misperceptions, stigma and taboos associated with suicide. They may be reluctant to deal with the subject in an honest and helpful fashion.
  • The well intended, but uninformed acts of caring professional communities are no substitute for specific knowledge about suicidal behavior; ignorance cannot be an excuse for poor practice
  • Studies have repeatedly shown 85% of suicides are premeditated and approximately 90% of persons who take their own lives communicate their intentions to someone they know, frequently a health care provider.
  • Suicide malpractice claims are the leading cause of suits against all mental health practitioners, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurses.